How Travel can Transform the World

Travelling Solo

In the words of Mark Twain, “Travel is fatal to bigotry, prejudice, and narrow-mindedness. Broad, wholesome, and charitable views cannot be acquired by vegetating in one tiny corner of the globe.”

The word ‘travel’ alone is enough to bring a smile on anyone’s face. But what exactly travel means is not understood by many. For me travel is not just about going to places, visiting sites, and collecting souvenirs. Travel is beyond all of that. It starts with me experiencing something new. Something that is not available under my roof. Travel is getting out of the small box and heading towards the clear blue sky.
Travel is enriching our lives with endless possibilities.

Travel Changes Everyone
Travelling Solo
Traveling is a completely different experience for every individual. While each one of the travelers will have a separate story to share, one thing will be common- the fact that no one ever looks at the world the same way after traveling. Travel and exploration help me appreciate the value of life and people in every perspective. Travel bridges the gap between social misconceptions and misunderstandings. While it is a harder truth that travel exposes us to some grave problems of life, that we may never have seen before, but it also makes us stronger beyond our imagination. The fact that each one of the travelers becomes more equipped in handling situations, makes travel a must for everyone.

Travel Takes You Out of Your Comfort Zone
Mountain Climbing
Traveling forced me to confront something new, something out of the box, extraordinary and a situation I may or may not want to be in. It is not always bad. It allows us to think beyond yourself and focus on your surroundings. This also helps us in bringing a positive change to our surroundings and bring about a positive impact. In fact, studies confirm that the young generation of today wants to walk the unchartered path and try and make a difference by traveling. A difference not only to their lives but to the world as well.

Travel not to Expect but to ProspectMountain

It’s hard! Let’s admit it. Traveling without expectations is hard but if you read the experiences of seasoned travelers, they all say, that one, you must never travel with expectations of things going your way. But even if you do, after some time, there’ll come a point when your expectations fade away. The newly found prospect to life and your surroundings will take over, and there will be no place for presumed expectations and assumptions.

Generally, people who don’t travel find the perfect excuse in saying, they see the world through today’s social media and new channels. But all of these present their own perspective of the world to you. Travel has a different meaning for everyone, and therefore, the world you see when you travel is completely different from the one you in front of your screens.

Travel Adds Patience to Your Character’s Resume


If there’s anything that travels guarantee, it is the art of being patient even in the most adverse situations. It is a lesson that some can’t master even in their lifetime. It allows us the liberty to believe and truly accept that we have enough. When you see the ones less fortunate, the relief of having the opportunity to live a better life makes one feel satisfied and blessed. Travel through a poor country, you’ll be surprised at how little people need to survive and still thrive. It is beyond inspirational, its life-changing.

Travelling also brings out the best in us. Feelings that we may never know existed. The thought of helping out someone less fortunate, the trait of sharing your happiness with others, volunteering to make their lives better; these are all the addictive effects of traveling. Yes, one of the side-effects of traveling is the fact that you start feeling claustrophobic in one place. The craving of constantly being on the move, traveling, and exploring are too strong to ignore. As they say, once a traveler, always a traveler!

Transforming the World, One Travel at a Time

There’s a simplicity that lies in travel, it awakens you of your own power, whether you’re ready for it or not, is irrelevant. Travel has forced me to realize the world is much more than ‘you’ or ‘me’, it is about ‘us’. It made me humble to the extent that I look at others with an approach to help them, make their experiences better. The horizon of my family has expanded astonishingly through travel.

The fact that you never know which moment can become the most memorable and profound moment of your life, makes travel desired. It not only changes us but also the world we live in. It not only makes us a better person but also the world around us. It is an addiction that changes your life for good and makes it worth living.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” -Agustine of Hippo

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