Our People, Our Team, Our Family

Since 2006, Rayna Tours and Travels has crafted customized and immersive travel experiences for its network of discriminating clientele. Every tour or travel program is meticulously planned and implemented with our guests’ unique personal interests in mind.

Our Team: Our Strength & Source of Inspiration

We are a family of more than 600 highly motivated, multinational travel experts from diverse cultural backgrounds. We treat each other with the utmost dignity and parity, thus fostering a work environment fueled by trust, integrity, and mutual respect. It largely reflects how we conduct our business, which goes beyond crafting a travel experience according to our guests’ expectations. Our people inspire you to create that perfect magical travel moment with their passion, creative flair, and ocean of knowledge in the industry.

Our Mission: What Do We Strive For?

It has always been the same, straightforward mission: to take as many complexities and hitches out of our customers' travel plans as possible and make their travel experience a highly personalized and relaxed experience from start to finish.

What Makes Our Team Diffrent?

We’re Diverse, but Equal

We’re a tight-knit community of people from different backgrounds and walks of life. It allows us to bring to the table a broad range of expertise, creativity, and strengths inspired by various age groups, cultures, and personalities.

We’re Consistent & Goal-Oriented

We strongly believe that consistency is one of the cornerstones for achieving a long-term goal, as it sustains success and opens avenues for new opportunities.

We Know How to Have Fun

All work and no play don’t help with employee productivity and morale. We, therefore, foster a balanced work environment that unites people through effective team-building activities and the celebration of special occasions and milestone achievements.

We Support & Learn from Each Other

A team lacks "I," and that is what makes it resourceful. Working in a team allows us to draw energy from each other, which helps us learn new things and accomplish individual success we never thought would be possible.

We Admit Mistakes

Mistakes occur in a team work, but we don’t let them paralyze our members. Instead, we encourage each other to admit mistakes, learn from them, and rebound with full strength and positivity.

We Recognize Individual Talent

A team's success lies in its members' strengths and skills. And we value and recognize each member's identity and individual contribution.

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We endeavor to make the travel world smarter, easily accessible, and well-connected.